Keys to the Castle

So there I sit, the room is starting to fill up…  I look at the clock… it’s 6:30, the time has come.

The gavel bangs the table…

‘Welcome to the 6:30 grapevine meeting, my name is Matt and I’m an alcoholic’

I’m chairperson for the first time.

Im nervous, but excited. I know the routine, I’ve been to hundreds of meetings.

Welcome, Serenity Prayer, Newcomers? Visitors? Business? Birthdays? How it works, the traditions, I read a story present a topic.

It went really well!

A few congratulatory handshakes for a job well done. After the meeting I talk to the past chairperson. He hands me the keys to the building.

As I’m walking out, I look down at my hand, I am now in possession of the keys to the local AA hall. Who would have thought that a drunk like me would be in this position? Not me…

I first walked into those rooms broken, scared, sick. And now I’m leading others in their hour of recovery, a very important hour in most alcoholics day.

I don’t see it as an accomplishment, but more of an example of how some time of focused sobriety can improve your life.

it doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens. Day by day, step by step, always forward.

I’m not where I’ll end up, but I’m better than I was, and I like the way I’m headed.






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  1. Wow. The first time! And no, or minimal jitters. Congrats on chairing the thing. Sounds like it was a good meeting to boot.


  2. Thanks Mark, it was a good meeting, the jitters went away quickly and the group was super supportive


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