Move your feet…

Another great meeting last night, another opportunity to listen, reflect and hear stories of hope and peace.

There always seems that there is (at least) one simple statement that really ring true, and last night was no exception…

A gentleman was saying that on earth thing he is working on is not letting his mind get in the way of the decision that he knows is right in his heart, and then he said:

‘Sometimes I need to get out of my head, and move my feet’

On the surface a simple statement, but it can take on so many different applications. Let’s breakdown the thoughts I had as I processed this remark.

Move your Feet

First, from a practical standpoint, there is the use of your feet to get you out of a tough situation. In recovery, I believe in not putting yourself in risky situations. I don’t just go hang out at a bar, I don’t go to situations where drinking is going to be the major event. But the reality is that in recovery there will be times that we are at gatherings or events where drinking is happening. Whether a wedding, a birthday, a BBQ, it’s gonna happen. If I am at one of these events and I feel the compulsion to drink, sometimes I just need to ‘move my feet’, ‘hit the bricks’, just get out. And if you are committed to a life of recovery, this is a totally acceptable response. It’s not worth it to risk the progress I’ve made to try to hang tight and white knuckle it.

Secondly, when I think of ‘moving your feet’, I think of the steps. As I’ve heard time and time again, once you’ve moved past the physical compulsion to drink, this program becomes more about improving yourself than it does about not drinking. The steps are about understanding the why behind our using and creating peace and serenity in our lives and helping others. And what’s the best way to get through a set of steps? Move your feet.

Finally, and most simply, I think that this statement shows that sobriety is a program of action, movement, progress. It requires us to ‘do’ not just ‘say’. I am a chronic overthinker, left to my own devices, I start to think too much, look for loopholes, bargain, debate, rationalize. If I just sit and think, I could be in trouble, and quickly. So I have to take action, I need to ‘move my feet’. For me, this means that I need to reach out to others, rebuild relationships, take care of myself, see the world, appreciate life’s beauty. If I withdraw, isolate and put up walls, I am in no better place than I was before.

So today, I will move my feet, I will put one foot in front of the other and I will continue to move forward.



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  1. NoWineImFine says:

    Even if they’re baby steps, you’re still moving forward.
    Thanks for the lovely post, the little glimmers of inspiration sprinkled through your story are wonderful.
    Love and sober hugs from New Zealand ✨✨✨

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