Simple Serenity

Nobody’s life is absent of struggles, stress and a fair amount of uncertainty. If someone tells you otherwise, they are lying. That’s life, there are ups and downs, good days and bad, sunshine and rain.

But, I will tell you this…  as I continue down a road of recovery, I am truly amazed at how the chaos as continued to fade away.  An air of simple serenity has filled my days.

when I was drinking, I was truly a self will ran riot. And I caused uncontrolled choas everywhere I went. Both for me and those around me. I look back on the incredible effort I put into alcohol. Plotting, planning, prioritizing to ensure that a drink was always near.  Call it insanity, call it infatuation, call it dependency, it was crazy. The amount of effort I put into creating chaos is truly amazing.

Now that I have some decent time under my belt, 1 year in February, I can truly appreciate the amazing feeling of simplicity.

I can enjoy the weekend, appreciate family events, have productive mornings and get decent sleep. All things that did not exist previously.

It seems so simple, and it’s exactly that.  I sit here this Saturday morning, feeling well, and I smile!



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  1. Simple! Serene! I love it. I share the same joy in sobriety. I call it the miracle of the mundane. And you just articulated it so perfectly!

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