Building My Wall…

IMG_2293Over and over, I’ve heard in meetings, your addiction is waiting, getting stronger, ready to take over at any minute.

Part of me agrees, I know I can’t let my guard down, I can’t think that I can go back to my old ways, because I can easily fall back to where I was.

But also, as each day passes, I am distancing myself from my past life. Building a wall to keep that monster out. Every meeting, every discussion, every story, every reading, every prayer and every 24 hours of sobriety is a brick in that wall. Always growing bigger, stronger, more formidable. All these bricks held together with a mortar of determination, support and spirituality.

I will always be cognizant of where I was, knowing that it will take strength to maintain. However, I refuse to live in constant fear that this beast will so easily overtake me after all of the work I’ve put in and how big my wall has grown!

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  1. I think that every day we spend Sober is one day further away from that addiction. Yes we have to be aware our triggers and signs of potential falling back but I don’t believe something is just lurking in the shadows waiting to swallow me up again.


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