A recent AA grapevine story and topic at a meeting, involved the tale of a dog who’s leash got tangled In the bushes.

To summarize, a dog is tied to a leash in a yard, he enters the bushes, he leash becomes tangled around a bush.  As the dogs leash became more and more tangled, panic begins to set in. Without considering a straightforward solution to his entanglement, he lashes out, barking, flailing, continuing to create an inescapable mess.  Not realizing that when he he was  first in trouble, 2 simple counter circles would have set him free.  Seeing his beloved pet’s circumstances, the dog’s owner approaches, grasps him by the collar, leads him around the bush a couple times, and he is free!

What a perfect comparison to my struggles with Alcohol!

It started simple, but I was quickly tangled in bingeing, misusing, becoming dependent. But, did I look for the apparent solution? Nope, I panicked, I fought it, I barked…. and what happened? I was drawn in deeper, became more entangled and needed help to out.


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