A ‘Utopia’ Awaits

Often, I like to go back to the Big Book, especially the early chapters and look at the passages that I had noted when I first read through.  Early in sobriety, we are still somewhat of a mess, but a great hope resides within.  We look for any bit of hope that exists far away from where we are, but resides in where we want to be.

Today, I note a passage from the very end of Chapter 1.  The first chapter is focused around Bill’s story.  Bill’s rise and fall is laid out in great detail, and finally he re-unites with a old friend.  A friend that Bill hopes he will have a drink with, a man that, rumor has it, had been once committed for ‘alcoholic insanity’.  And when he friend arrives, he is sober, and HAPPY!  Bill is in shock, how could this wreck of a man be so well put together, and HAPPY?  The spend the evening talking and his friend details his coming to sobriety. He mentions that God has done for him what he could not do for himself. After detailing the results of that night of discussion and the expansion of fellowship in AA, the chapter ends with:

‘Most of us feel we need to look no further for Utopia.  We have it with us right here and now.’ (pg. 16)

As I read this, I remember noting this simple passage because it proves to me that there are better places ahead, that this mess of our situation can be overcome.  That a utopia awaits us ahead!  That gives me hope, and motivates me to move forward… always forward.



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